Poetry and Such

In honor of the 2018 InterPlay Leader’s Gathering at Kirkridge Retreat Center in Bangor, PA

Much room
Cloud of Love

InterPlay Transactional Analysis
Satiated Like
(A) Bread Pudding
(P) Too much added Sugar
(C) But it’s Like Communion
(S) Moderation, All of You!

A=adult, P=parent, C=child, S=Source (S=My addition to the form.)



“Hey, look me over.  Tell me if you like what you see.”      Prince

Welcome.  This is my brand spanking new art space.  It’ll feature photojournalism, stories, rants, etc. using InterPlay forms, video, some poetry, maybe some old art from back in the day in the form of song lyrics.  Sometimes I may sing those songs, and InterPlay has liberated me to write new ones.  : )  I invite you in, and invite you to share your authentic responses to my responses.  Just please try not to personally hate on me.  I can take a lot-but I don’t like hate.  I promise to employ my imperfect skills of deep listening, mindful speech, and cultural sensitivity.  I’ve been working on My Work to do 4EVA’ but consistently miss the mark (which is of course, relative.)  I have a high level of acceptance for just about everyone with a mantra that we all do the best we can, in the moment, with what we’ve got.  Sometimes that can manifest as heinous and still applies…tough as it is.

I’m not much on labels but for the sake of transparency here are some used to describe where I’m coming from: youthful fifty-nine year old white, cisgender, heterosexual female, very rich considering…, progressive with a few more conservative values.  I’ve also been a part of both Christian and Buddhist communities.